Commune with Me Saturday

Join in at The Church of the Misfits comes together as a community to hear from our Spiritual Guide and to be empowered by illustrated “sermonettes.”

Fear Part 1

Loins, tigers and bear oh my.  Hieghts, spiders and water oh dear.

Well, Malcolm is back with us, we are discussing about fear and its ups and downs.  Don’t miss this one with a great cliff hanger tobe seen next week.



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Faith and Fear

We share the basis of faith and fear. This is the first of this topic. Do you allow faith to lead your life or does fear?

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Let it BE

The guides are at it again. This week we discuss the power of speaking something into existence.


We got excited and kept rolling. More relaxed and engaged we continue to lead insight into the Let it Be conversation.

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It is in the Name!

It is in the name. The importance of naming your children and also the name that you answer to. If your name is holding you back, change your name or at least change the meaning of it to you. Powerful lesson.

Guide Joe! and Warren continue the conversation after the show.

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