Meet the Spiritual Guides at TCOTM


The Church of the Misfits is designed to help those that are abandoned, hurt, or tossed away from the traditions of church. We are gathering of spiritual minded people with the goal of living the best life possible here and in the world to come. We are not bible based but bible influenced. We are based on the relationship that we have with our creator and higher entity.


The foundation of the ministry is two fold. The only commandment that we are under is simply “Show Love at all times”. Everything is covered in the word love. If we use a love litmus test, we will be steady on our role of living the best life possible.

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Monday Madness

Though life is busy, hectic, and sometimes stressful, join us in a bit of laughter to keep you moving past the madness of life.

Truthful Tuesday

Allow these parables & proverbs to teach you lessons and values for your everyday.

"Won't He Do it" Wednesday

Be encouraged and inspired by others through testimony and praises.

"If He's done it for me, He will do that and more for you."

"Tell it to Me" Thursday

Thursday is a day when The Misfits engage in bringing hope to others through their posts and acts of love.

"Free Me" Friday

Experience testimonies of God's goodness and His ability to bring freedom to each of our lives

Commune with me Saturday

Join in as The Church of the Misfits comes together as a community to hear from our Spiritual Guides and to be empowered by illustrated "sermonettes."

Sunday Promise

Be reminded of the promises that have been made to you, the believer.

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